Easy Guide to “SEO Tactics” for Website Optimization where we have listed 7 best SEO strategies to rank your website on the search engine result page. 

Rank Brain Algorithm

There are various Google algorithms which come into place when your website SEO score has to be determined.

Among all of those, I would like to highlight the Rank Brain algorithm. This algorithm works on Machine Learning (AI) which automatically rank up or down the ranking of the website based on the user experience, content, backlinks and other important factors.

Practical example of the rank brain algorithm:

I optimize my website for the keyword SEO tools but it showing my website in top result for other similar keywords as well like SEO Software, Keyword research tools.

It is the AI which by his own understanding pick out the most relevant results.

Hence, it’s not only the keyword that will rank it is also the content of the post which will help you obtain a higher search rank.

Also, it is possible if an “X” website is getting a top spot on the first day, Google may shuffle your position based on the user experience they get once they visited your website

SEO Basics
SEO Tactics

What you should do before implementing SEO Tactics:

  • Choose a faster Hosting and Domain Provider (Learn more about Hosting and Domain)
  • Host your website on a good promising platform like WordPress, WIX, etc.
  • Choose your domain based on the content of your website
  • Do not install useless plugins on your website

Top 7 SEO Tactics

1. Listing Topic and Keyword Research:

This is the first step in framing your SEO strategy and is the most important one that will act as a base for your entire SEO Tactics model.

  • First thing first, let’s list up all the topics which we will include in our website
  • Once you have all the topics clear in your mind, now its turn to set Keywords corresponding to each topic
  • Tools like SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, MOZ can help you in choosing keywords for your web post
  • List up around 5–6 keywords for each topic and check what are the keywords for which you are already ranking for, then do some research on your competitor website

2. Content Creation Tactics:

  • Once you the topic list up and relevant keywords in place, now is the turn to frame relevant Long Tail keywords
  • You must answer the following question in your mind while creating the content i.e. What the user looking for, What you offer, What is the key quality of your content, Why user opt to your website, Is your content comprehensive, Is your content up to date, you must brainstorm on all these questions before beginning your journey
  • Create internal links and hence make it easier for the crawler to crawl your website
  • Include subheading within your content for effective SEO
  • Always end your content with a conclusion that will help the user to recap what they have learned

3. SEO tactics: Auditing

Following points must be considered during SEO Audit:

Prepare an Inventory:

This inventory would include the following important things:

  1. URL
  2. Meta Title
  3. Meta Description

What’s the use of it?

We want to audit the Meta tags of the website. Each URL must have a valid Meta Title and Meta Description corresponding to it.

Meta tag optimization is necessary as the Meta title and description you give to a URL will directly impact on your Click Through Rate (CTR= Number of Impression / Number of Clicks).

Basically, if you set the appropriate Meta title and description, then your CTR would increase, false title and description will lead to high bounce rate

Best 7 SEO Strategic Points
Best 7 SEO Strategic Plan

Inspect Accessibility Issues:

Here we will look at some accessibility issues associated with your website like Robots.txt file, Sitemaps, 404 errors.

  • Robots.txt File: A valid robots.txt file should be there on your website. By valid I mean it should not be blocking important page of your website like Home Page.
  • Sitemaps: This file is a map of your site which helps crawled in accessing your website and getting it index. Having a sitemap for your website is a must and the same should be tested from search console and submitted there such that Google can crawl your website
  • 404 Errors: There are so many types of errors associated with a website which result because of poor implementation of links. Specifically, in the initial stage, we will look at 404 error and would fix if any

Basic On-site Optimization issues:

Now we will figure out all the issues related to On-Page i.e. Meta Tags, Internal Links, Missing Alt text and others. The same could be done manually but there are various software’s that can help you audit your website like All in one SEO tools, iwebchk and others.

4. Set a Goal: SEO tactics

You get it right without a goal all the hard work we are putting in neither be monitored nor be achieved. To keep track related to the progress of the work, we must have a goal to achieve.

The goal could be set for weekly, monthly or quarterly and the progress of the same should be monitor properly.

In our case, the goal should be to move up our website in Google search results to generate traffic for our website.

Your weekly goal could be:

  • Generating X number of quality backlinks
  • Reaching a specified target in terms of website traffic
  • Creating quality content and updating it weekly

Likewise, you can set monthly or quarterly targets and meeting them in time will result in organic traffic to your website. Sign up for Google Analytics, it will help you to keep proper track of your website activity.

5. On-Site Optimization of your website:

Now we will optimize our on-page content such that it should meet the needs of user and search engine.

For the user, it should look natural and fulfill their requirement.

For a search engine, the content should base on keywords under the SEO guidelines.

Following are the few important tasks under On-Page Optimization:

  • Setting up Google webmaster and Google search console account
  • Applying robots.txt file
  • Creating sitemaps
  • Removing any error on links like 404, 301, etc.
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Applying Alt text to images, etc.

Note: Yoast SEO plugin should be installed, and all we should fix the detected error by this plugin

6. Local SEO:

This is also a very important factor which contributes to your SEO score.

It is simple and straightforward you need to register for BING and Google Business Listing by verifying your account. Once the registration is complete, you need to promote the same on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. This will give a boost to your local SEO score as per Google latest algorithms

7. Backlinks:

As the name suggests the link which comes back to your website is called backlink. The backlink matters in SEO score.

We can generate a backlink in different ways such as

  • Classified Ads
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Social Media Posting, etc.

You must not go hard towards generating backlinks as it may fire you back with a low SEO score. The backlinks should be qualitative means the website linking back to you must have high page rank and should apply to your website content.

So, this was all about SEO Tactics.

I hope it helps you in understanding how to form SEO tactics and you will soon form one and share the output with me. 

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