My SEO consultancy company not providing me the promised output. They have compromised quality, so-called experts are focusing on the number of backlinks, not the quality.” This is very common feedback or realization that clients have after they fall under SEO Expert Scam we denote it as SEO Scam Alert. 

These persons pretend them as SEO Expert but the reality is they are not even good to put under the category of beginners. Don’t worry we are here to help and we will guide you on how to find out the best from the list of worst. 

SEO Fraud Alert

Noting Point of SEO Scam Alert:

Search engines are the starting point of any activity on the web. In a place where several websites and pieces of content are continuously competing to get a viewer’s or client’s attention, it is indispensable to reject understating the uses and ways to work on SEO (search engine optimization). SEO benefits range from ranking the most optimized sites higher on the search to helping the viewer look for the most relevant result.

Let’s see how the fraud initiated: 

The importance of SEO makes several people/content creator assign the job of optimization to experts and other firms. And why shouldn’t one do so? We always advise anyone to build any brand to outsource and rely on people who know how to do the job better. But this is where the catch:

  1. What if the firm or expert you have contacted does not really know what they are talking about?
  2. What if you are just like “any other client” to them? This is exactly where you must exercise or learn the skill of identifying a con man or a con firm.

Fake SEO Consultancy Companies: SEO Scam Alert

Beware of scam, there are so many fake SEO consultancy companies which promise to deliver high visibility to your product but did not achieve the same. Let’s understand how to detect a fake SEO consultancy company: 

1. Lack of transparency

There are some aspects of SEO which may be legitimate proprietary information which an SEO cannot reveal but there are many things which an SEO expert can be transparent about, after-all your brand reputation is now on their hands.

List of things which they should be transparent about-

  • They will use the methods to increase traffic.
  • List of sites through which they will link your site (Source of backlinks)
  • Also, the contacts they will use on your behalf.

2. Providing guarantees or insurance

They can never guarantee rankings. They can increase the traffic of your site but they can never guarantee a specific ranking because it is not in their hand and nobody knows how Google’s algorithms work. SEO is a long-term process, and it takes time to showcase its impacts.

A reputable SEO expert should do the followings-

  • They must understand the aim of your site as it will help them to bring those potential visitors who will help it grow and will increase traffic.
  • Relevant work samples and outcome of recent projects 
  • Insurance cover on not achieving promised output

3. Isolating from other departments

Nowadays, it is very important for your SEO to interact with various departments like-marketing team, PR, site design and usability team, etc. A reputable SEO expert will always seek interaction if not there is a slight possibility they are not so good at their jobs.

Random Trick: If asks questions like “What helps in increasing traffic?” and they reply with things like links and images, then you may think they are not so up-to-date with their SEO skills.

4. Availability of SEO experts

 It is important that your SEO expert doesn’t handle over five to six clients at one time because it may affect the quality of their work. It is important that your SEO can provide ample time in knowing your business goals and they should be able to provide weekly or monthly reports.

SEO Scam Alert

5. Automate content page creation

They should not automate the creation of content pages. Since Google actively devaluing low-quality pages it is very important that your SEO handcraft each piece of content in order to increase traffic.

6. Creating tons of Inbound links

The fact that attaching links increase traffic is true somewhat but the quality of links also matters a lot. Nowadays, Google now pays a lot of attention to the content they attach whose links to your page. If Google finds out that those links are coming from low quality or irrelevant sites, they may file a penalty against your sites.

7. Insane prices: SEO Scam Alert

If the price of an SEO expert is low, there is a probability that the quality of their service will be cheap too as SEO is not so cheap. There is a possibility they are taking the low price because they do automated page, they handle a lot of clients or what they do is only create tons of links from irrelevant sites.

8. They price by the number of links

As mentioned earlier, quality matters over quantity and SEO experts who charge by the no. of links are bad SEO experts with backdated SEO knowledge. An ideal SEO should talk about quality and not brag about quantity.

SEO Fraud Alert

9. Claim to be Google Partners

Some SEO expert may claim that they have a tie-up with Google or they understand its algorithms but the truth is Google keeps changing the algorithms time to time and there are few Google staffs who know about the search ranking algorithms. So we should never trust those SEO experts who make such a claim.

10. They think all you need is Metadata

Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data i.e it contains information about the site. Some of this information may help in increasing traffic of a site but if any SEO expert claims it as the main part of SEO strategy then you should not trust them with your brand.

Concluding Remarks: SEO Scam Alert

There are so many SEO service providers and when it comes to filtering out the best, it becomes next to impossible. Let me just conclude this article i.e. “SEO Scam Alert” by providing you more factors you must brainstorm before picking any service provider:

  1. What is the Domain and Page Authority of their website
  2. What is the Alexa Rank assigned to them 
  3. Years of Experience 
  4. Ask them for Client Testimonials and permission to contact their clients for work review, etc.

Now finally, I would be concluding this article by giving you a piece of strong advice:

Never Google Search “List of best SEO service provider” as SEO consultancy provider might pay money to these review providing websites and get their reviews published at the top spot. #SEO Scam Alert

Here is an example: Paid Review Provider

Clients are GOD but please understood: Important Lessons for clients

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