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Before exploring any content of this website, let’s first make the basic clear by understanding How Google Search Engine works?

We all know that Google is a search engine that contains millions of results (Google webpages) for every user’s search queries.

Founders of Google:

Larry Page‎ & ‎Sergey Brin build it on ‎September 4, 1998. At present Google owns over 50 companies, some big names include Hangout, Gmail, Android, Blogger, etc. 

Have you ever wondered how Google pulls up the most relevant webpage on top?

Understand How Google Works:

Working of Google
Google Working Steps

Crawling: Google works

Whenever a website is created Google Bots crawl your website.

  • What is crawling and who crawl what?

Crawling means to fetch information from your website. Google crawlers named Google bot, spider, etc responsible for these tasks.

Every search engine has their own crawlers. 

  • How can I help crawlers in Crawling my website?

A. By improving internal links

B. Updating your site regularly

C. Sitemaps

D. Usage of tags effectively

E. Content Optimization

Oh No! Will, it crawls my admin page as well? If yes, how should I restrict it not to crawl specific information on my website?

  • How can I restrict crawlers not to crawl a specific part of my website?

By inserting the Robots.txt file you can restrict crawler not to crawl specific part of your website

I want the crawler to crawl my complete website content other than restricted by robots.txt, how should I give direction to him?

  •  How to give directions to crawler?

A. Sitemap files help Google to properly crawl your website. Sitemap generators can help you in creating sitemaps for your website. A simple Google search will give you so many links of sitemap generators.

Quick Question: Where google store my website information? Read below: 


After Google crawler has fetched the information, then it gets Index in its database they call which an index. This is indexing.

Each information based on its category which is defined by the title and content of your website gets stored in its internal database.

Google categorizes your website based on the keywords that your website contains and stores them in its huge database. Always remember that the search engine avoids stop words like is, am, or, etc. in its database.

Now, Google has all the information related to your website content now it’s the turn to assign the relevancy to your website.

Assigning Relevancy:

Google gets its own algorithms which help it assign relevancy to every information it has indexed.

Read how you can work on your website to get it ranked higher through white hat SEO technique.

Processing and result display:

Once a user enters a query Google process the query and shows the result based on the relevancy criteria.

They base your website’s relevancy criteria on:

A. Quality Content

B. Web Site promotion / Off-Page SEO

C. On-Page SEO

D. Domain Authority and others.

So, this was about the working of Giant Search Engine Google.

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