Ever wondered how Google Ranking Algorithm works, we have researched it out in this article “Google Ranking Algorithm Leaked“. Is it Off-Page SEO activities?, On-Page or something else? find it out. 

Google Ranking Algorithm Leaked:

The basis for SEO is identifying Google’s algorithms and shaping your content in a way most acceptable to those. What you want to do is make more people read your content. So, you follow every algorithm, every rule, every direction you can find on the internet. So you make the best quality content, proofreading it, making sure it is perfect.

What Google wants to do, is making good content accessible to more people. The basis for its decision is to remove the grunt work of finding good content away from the people. It wants them to only see the best results. For this, they conduct multiple types of research, common factors found and algorithms made.

The basic idea behind this whole design is catering to the interests of the individuals. And if you properly think about that from the start, you have got yourself the best SEO from the start.

Google Ranking Algorithm Leaked: What you need to do

The times are changing. Google is introducing more and more complex algorithms and equations to decide what content is good and what is bad. As you’ll read everywhere, Google is becoming more and more human.

What this shows, is that Google can mimic human tendencies better than before. With advanced AI, eventually, Google will be completely be mimicking humans. Artificial intelligence is progressing at an unprecedented rate. With so much research on humans already available, perfecting AI crawlers will not take long. All we can do is prepare for this beforehand.

Google Ranking Algorithm
Google Ranking Algorithm Leaked

Remembering the essentials

How to tackle these new types of crawlers? Simple: Just do what you are supposed to!

We originally made websites to help users, to give them information. And that is exactly what you need to do. Websites are to be made with user satisfaction kept as a priority. The content needs to be optimized as the Google ranking algorithm demands.

The customer really is the king. And so, should be your philosophy. Google made its algorithms keeping this in mind. This also is the reason for the said algorithm’s existence. You just need to fulfill the purpose of your website.  

But as they say, easier said than done!

So, what should I do?

Follow the rules: The rules of satisfaction! Ask yourself am I happy with my work? Will this make the person reading understand my point?

This not only ensures that your content remains timeless but also that users will always be satisfied with your content. This is exactly what guys at Google are gunning for.

Another good point would be to follow the rules of grammar. They have remained unchanged for decades for a reason: They Work!

Make them work for you. That will do half of your SEO work right there. Good grammar boosts content quality, understandability and overall outlook of the content. People will know what you are talking about. It will impress them with the website.

But even now, I can sum up what I have written so far in a single line: Focus on the user!

I have said this countless times in the article, and I will say it again; because it is true. The true SEO always has been, is, and always will remain, writing for user satisfaction. Till you do that, your work is bulletproofed.

Happy creating to you all!

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