What is Google Dataset Search BETA

  1. It is a collection of datasets taken from all over the internet
  2. Presenting it to the user in a more effective way
  3. It includes every minute detail such as name, description, creator and distribution formats as structured data.
  4. Beta version means it will improve over time in the upcoming versions.
  5. This basically collects data from the Internet related to the information which we are seeking.
Google Dataset Search
See the difference between the simple Google search and Google Dataset search for the query when we asked a data for Nepal Population

Following observation can be made from both the search results:

  • Simple Google Search: The data given by a simple Google search was not effective as it only gives us a simple figure
  • Dataset Search: This dataset search result presents us with a variety of data like name, description, creator and distribution formats as structured data.

Google Dataset search link: Click Me

Search Engine

Co-Relation between Aritfical Intelligence and Dataset Search

  • In Artificial Intelligence, we have various datasets available in the software.
  • It will give you the result for your query based on the algorithm at which that software is working.
  • Recently an IP consulting company TT Consultants came up with their own Dataset product named “XLPAT” which consists of various sets of information. The best thing is that it works on Artificial Intelligence.
  • It has a specific algorithm which helps it to search for most relevant information/data from a set of unrelated data.
  • If you are a data analyst, researcher of data or provide market research, then this search engine is for you. The Dataset of various categories like Sports, weather, population and keep on increasing. It takes data from various Govt. and Private Database which links back to Google search results.

Google's Statement on it's Beta Version:

“In today’s world, scientists in many disciplines and a growing number of journalists live and breathe data… To enable easy access to this data, we launched Dataset Search, so that scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else can find the data required for their work and their stories, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.”

This is a basic introduction to Google Dataset Search, more exhaustive information will be updated soon.

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