AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is a trending topic emerging at a rapid pace. Experts have introduced various courses in the field of Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, etc. to make young talent industry ready. But my question is “AI destroying Manual Effort” and hence jobs?

Introduction to AI in SEO: AI destroying Manual Effort?

The past few years witnessed rapid changes in the field of technology since AI has entered the scene. From personalized suggestions on emails and social media networks to product campaigns based on your web history, AI is spearheading the industry right now. Its scope and impact in shaping our future are growing at a tremendous rate. For instance, deep neural networks have been far superior to any of its predecessors in gauging customer behavior in order to streamline ads and recommendations. This characteristic of AI to constantly evolve and produce better results is of particular use in SEO.

Ranking Factors Not Working:

Ordinarily, the search results were based on focus keyphrases. But with AI, the system will take a number of other things into consideration like your location, your previous related searches, the popular choice of options, etc. This means that the ranking of webpages with an AI SEO system changes with every search as the system absorbs new data and evolves accordingly. The algorithms in place right now have allowed for SEO webmasters to take advantage of it by circumventing some of the rules. AI can play an important role in ensuring that the system remains intact, placing user-experience at the center.

AI destroying Manual SEO

3 Characteristics of AI:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI):

This is the most common form of AI. We use it for specific things like email filters in email, predictive searches, reminders, etc. The most recent of these being RankBrain which helps Google to process search results.

  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

This kind of AI is broad like human cognitive systems and can efficiently do any task that is humanly possible.

  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI):

AI that is far more advanced than humans and can perform functions that go beyond human limitations.

How does AI impact content strategy?

Since the change has already begun, inevitably, the industry will only become more AI favorable. And in view of these changes, it becomes important to orient our SEO strategies keeping AI in mind. AI may present initial hurdles, it can add up to a better content structure but alongside AI destroying Manual Effort which will cause lesser manpower requirement. Here are a few ways in which companies can use AI to improve their content strategies:

  • Data

We ultimately do all SEO practices to reach consumers. Your target audience always remains your priority. And what better way to understand your audience than user-data? User data forms the most significant resource to map out and analyze user-trends and provides tremendous insights to the creators for innovation. Once you understand how the masses favor what product, how they respond to various marketing strategies, the most common ways in which they hear about you, etc, you can guide your efforts accordingly. And since AI has a much more advanced capability of filtering results based on specific metrics, it is best suited for the task.

  • Personalization

From the social media to the packaging product, everything has evolved to fit the narrative of “personalization” that defines this age. The users today expect that the brands pay attention to their needs and provide them with services accordingly. Over 60% of the companies that record surplus revenue maintain personalization strategies. Using AI in this sector can improve data results for customer expectations and help businesses grow. But using AI to offer personalized recommendations and offers, can up the game enormously. Starbucks and Alibaba are a few examples of companies that collect and process gigantic amounts of data every day in order to improve their menus and offers based on the location of the store.

AI destroying Manual Efforts

  • Specialization

ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence can target specific tasks and improve their efficiency significantly. Commercial websites that thrive on customer satisfaction can use AI to optimize their shopping processes. Utilizing its specialization in narrowing down to a subject in order to provide personalized experience and content to varying users can boost sales.

What role machines learning play in SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization aims to best develop a content strategy of your website in order to meet the metrics of various search engines and rank higher. With the introduction of AI in SEO, it becomes imperative for webmasters to go beyond the basic requirements such as keywords, metadata, and backlinks if they want to thrive.

  • Search engines:

Adapting to the changing needs of the customers, Google has introduced a lot of changes to its search engine. They recognize that voice search is gaining ground and thus have provided more contextual training to their algorithms to verse them in casual conversations. These changes have been possible because of machine learning.

  • Evolved content tools:

Following the prompts of Google, SEO tools have also come up with tricks for their users to ensure the use of all resources to perfect their SEO strategy. Instead of constantly checking your social media mentions, you can just use BuzzSumo or HubSpot that automatically alerts you about it. Other tools like Atomic Reach are centered around creating more comprehensive content strategies with AI and machine learning in focus.

How to improve your SEO ranking with AI

Here are a few key areas to look into if you are planning to design your SEO strategy with AI in mind:

i) Use SEO Tools

There are a variety of tools available in the market that specialize in working with AI and machine learning. Tools like Atomic Reach, Google Analytic, SEMrush, etc are a few examples. They scan individual webpages, detect issues and conflicts and provide you with a report on how to tackle them. They also provide insights from your competitors’ websites and offer various suggestions to improve your content strategy.

ii) Altering focus keyphrases

Since more and more users are opting for voice search and accessing the internet through their phones, the way they access the internet has changed. And since Google has been in on these changes, it only makes sense for creators to keep this in mind when they choose their focus keyphrases and plan their content strategy. The focus keyphrase should be flexible enough to be incorporated in headlines and SEO titles but you should also adjust it over the course of your website. This can be done by moderating the keyphrase by using synonyms and changing the order of words because the user might not look for the exact same words.

Is AI good for SEO

iii) Establish your brand

Creating and establishing a brand can boost your SEO efforts in the long run. When the users see your name across a number of relevant posts on social media, it can build a positive brand image in their mind. This will help you build authority and importance.

iv) Optimize for change

Users have since long shifted to mobile devices and it would be foolish to not optimize your site for small devices in this era. Make sure that your website provides the users with a hassle-free user-friendly experience.

v) Voice-based searches

With Alexa, Cortana, Google assistant, and the likes, voice-based searches have become more popular. They are usually longer and different in tone from traditional searches. You can give a more casual and conversational tone to your content in order to match up to the queries.

vi) Visual content and searches

AI and machine learning have added to the search engines’ understanding of language, sound and visual content too. It has led to a more intuitive reception of visual and audible content. You should ensure that the content you create responds to the metrics of descriptions, tags, optimal length, etc.

Best tools and techniques to outsmart SEO and AI

i) Exemplars for keywords

Exemplars are keywords or a set of keywords that most accurately represent similar kephrases. Instead of creating separate landing pages for different variations of a sentence, you identify an exemplar and create a single pillar page that can land queries for all the related searches. For example,

  • “delhi living cost”
  • “cheap flats in delhi”
  • “rent in delhi”
  • “flats on rent in NCR”
  • “pgs in NCR”

can all have an exemplar “cheap flats for rent in Delhi,”.

ii) Predictive and cluster analysis

  • Cluster Analysis: It simply scans the content of your webpages and then groups them into varied topics. This makes it easier for the bots to identify the topic of your webpage and improves PageRank distribution.
  • Predictive Analysis: While Google Trends can provide you with data that looks on customer searches retrospectively, the predictive analysis aims to look ahead and predict target keyphrases based on user-trends.

AI destroy manual effort

iii) Customer reviews

We write customer reviews in layman language and add relevant images. Noting the above insights about voice-based searches, people might often search their queries in a similar conversational tone. Thus, businesses should aim to cash in on the power of positive reviews. This can be attained by ensuring that your business is listed on Google My Business and is available on Google maps. And further enhancing the visibility of your platform.

iv) Chatbots to guide users

The most prevalent use of Ai is through chatbots that can provide customers on-site help round the clock. A chatbot can help customers in resolving their issues while engaging them in light conversation. They can also guide the customers and provide them with better and hassle-free user experience.

Top list of AI-based SEO software

A. Insight tools

  • Bright Edge:

A platform that provides several modules for SEO like Hyperlocal, Keyword Reporting, Content Recommendations, etc. The most significant being the Hyperlocal feature that allows you to gain insights into specific keywords in a narrowed down region like a city or a country.

  • MarketBrew:

MarketBrew prides itself for delivering a quality analysis of their webpages accurately based on the search engine they are targeting. They also provide complete guides to resolve all the issues listing everything in a step-by-step format.

AI automation destroy job

  •  Can I rank?:

It uses AI and machine learning to search, gather and put forward results from a host of SEO websites and compile a report with personalized suggestions for their clients. They also deliver a keyphrase/keyword score that tells their customers which keyword will be better suited for a specific site.

  • Pave AI:

It analyses and compiles data from a number of online platforms and uses Google Analytics to provide valuable insights about SEO and marketing strategy. They come highly recommended if you are looking to save time and require personalized helpful insights.

B. Automation tools

  •  Wordlift:

An all-in-one solution for your editorial, businesses and personal blogging needs. It compiles a knowledge graph with your linked data that can itself be used for various purposes and also provides relevant open license images to save you time.

  • Dialogflow:

This is the foundation behind voice search on various platforms such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Facebook messenger, etc. They design it to process and analyze natural language.

AI Tools destroy job

  • Ali AI:

An almost human AI that is tailor-made for each of their clients to provide them a complete guide from creating content strategies to keeping track of traffic on your website. It helps you out with SEO strategy, backlinks, code and content optimization.

  •  Albert:

Albert keeps track of your online marketing campaigns and helps you in maintaining optimization for the same in order to achieve maximum results. It takes care of every small detail from targeting to cross channel executions and also provides analytics and insights.

This question might strike in your mind: AI destroying Manual Effort?

C. Personalization tools

  • Acrolinx:

A gamechanger in the field of content marketing and advertising, it works with around 30 tools across the web like WordPress, Microsoft Word, Adobe Marketing Cloud, etc. to help you promote your content with greater flexibility. The software asks you a number of questions about the aim you are trying to achieve with your content and provides suggestions accordingly.

AI destroy human effort

  • OneSpot:

Employing its patented “content sequencing” section, it compiles personalized content taking in the record a user’s web history. This customized “content interest profile” for every user of your website allows businesses to provide a better experience to its users.

Concluding Remarks AI destroying Manual Effort:

Well, after reading this article one might think AI destroying Manual Effort which will cause Job Lost as automation will do their part effectively and efficiently. This is correct up to some extent, just go back in time and list down the topic which you used to do manually and for the same you earn handsome money.

But as AI is coming into the picture all those tasks like:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Number of Hits
  3. Snippet Coding
  4. Website Building
  5. Schedule Social Media Post Update, etc.

We have now replaced all the above task which require a human skill set by AI or automation. AI is now compiling these tasks in a few seconds.

Thank God these tools are not 100% accurate and still require expert level filtering, but we need to upgrade ourselves by taking part in various AI Learning Programs to stay ahead of the competition.

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