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Generating leads for Corporate Clients

It’s 2020 and still following the 1990’s cold outreach methods then you will never grow. LinkedIn astonishing stats 80% B2B buyers use LinkedIn for lead generation, 40 Million users have Decision making authority, LinkedIn generates 3X better conversion.

LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop

LinkedIn has 3 Million+ C-Level Executives, 41 Million+ Decision Makers. Let's mix Consultative Sales Principle with LinkedIn Advance Automation to outreach 100s of Prospects automatically.

We will decode my 4 years+ experience in executing 27+ Qualified demos with C-Level Executive and generating $50,000+ Annual revenue.

"Rock Grow For Job Seekers"

A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn sits at the throne made of networking and career. With over 690 million users & 30 million companies, the question is how I make a Professional LinkedIn Profile to leverage its power to get Jobs & Internships

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 1

With 250+ candidates applying for a single vacancy we promise your interview call by teaching how to use the knowledge of —  companies’ business model, and the job responsibilities for the post that you are applying for.

Employee Referrals

A recent survey of Glassdoor & Naukri says 45% of candidates get hired via Employee Referral. Post building the powerful LinkedIn profile let’s learn how to build relevant networks to earn employee referrals for Jobs & Internships.

7 Days Workshop

Unemployment rate in India rose from 7.2% to 23.5%, out of 1000 of job applicants only 2% candidates receive interview call, emerging graduates lacks employability skills. If you find yourself brooding over similar problems then you should sign-up for Off-Campus LinkedIn 7 Days Workshop.

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Who are we ?

Confusion post-college is a common phenomenon in young adults. While it is normal for us to be confused about our career, which plays an important role in our lives, we at Rock Grow believe that every ounce of help should be given to the young adults of our country when they tread this path called career.

Also, I bring my 4 Years+ experience of Business Development to help businesses generate leads online using LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop by Rock Grow

It was a good session, team has already implemented the Auto-Outreach campaign let's see how this went.

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Kanika Sharma CEO IT Company

It was really a helpful knowledge sharing session. We all still processing the details you have shared with us.

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Manish Kumar BD Manager, KPO Company

We were purely focusing on Calls/Emails for outreach. Now I think LinkedIn could be an X factor for us especially via Automation.

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Gurinder Singh Sales Manager

How do I create a LinkedIn account?

Steps to Create A LinkedIn Account:
A. Create A Email/Gmail Account
B. Go to
C. Sign Up
D. Fill the form
E. Confirm the details
F. Done
G. Sign In and create your LinkedIn Profile

How should a beginner use LinkedIn?

It depends on your end goal:
• Students & Job Seekers can use it for Jobs | Internships | Career Guidance | Personal Branding
• Freelancers & Entrepreneurs can use it for Lead Generation | Personal Branding

Is LinkedIn Automation Safe!

Yes, if we do it with Industry standard tools and in a limited manner keeping LinkedIn per day limits in mind.